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Patricia is an amazingly accurate and  evidential Psychic/Medium, and Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Transition Tutor, author and a Women’s Circle Facilitator. She has been providing healing, intuitive messages for more than 20 years! Patricia uses her natural God given gifts by allowing her spirit guides to connect with your spirit guides, to tap into your chakra energy centers (the emotional aspects that need attention) and just allows the intuitive messages to flow. Also, because she is a gifted medium she is able to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over from this earthly plane, it is normal for them to “show up” in a session. Patricia also works with the Angelic realm and if further clarity is needed will incorporate the use of angel oracle cards.

Patricia became aware of healing energy as a young child when elders in her family would comment that she had healing hands and would often have her to lay her hands on a area of their body that was experiencing dis-ease, and they would experience relief. She never really thought much about it, she just thought that everyone did it based on what she had learned growing up in Baptist and Pentecostal Christian churches. Patricia still claims God as her primary source of her abilities, but understands and respects whomever her clients relate to as their higher source and has read for clients all over the world with various beliefs. She expresses a clear understanding that we are all connected.

As a Intuitive Transition Tutor (the title her spirit guides gave her) she provides intuitive guided spiritual, life mentoring. This type of mentoring provides clients with information and inner insight and tools to discover their authentic selves so they can begin or get further direction to living their authentic divine life. In other words living a happy, purposeful life.

Patricia recently answered her divine calling to the next phase of her journey and is answering her calling as a Certified Women’s Circle facilitator. This was a natural progression, since she has always held sacred space for family and friends and even strangers! She has always been “that person” people felt safe to confide in, without being judged. In this new phase Patricia will be incorporating lessons from her soon to be re- published book, “Things To Make You Go, Hhmmm, and Have A Little Talk With Yourself” , a self help discovery workbook, along with personal life wisdom and spiritual wisdom. Patricia lives from a heart (Chakra) space, and is down to earth and transparent and quite funny and loves to laugh and make others laugh. Patricia is a retired nurse and is currently employed as Licensed Massage Therapist.  Patricia is always honored and humbled to share all of her amazing gifts!

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Phone: (704) 293-8800

Appointments: By appointment only

Sessions can be via: In person(depending on distance), ZOOM, FaceTime, or Google Duo

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