The Chakra System is a metaphysical or “beyond the physical,” subtle energy system. They are not visible or able to be touched or heard with our normal physical senses. There are major and minor chakras, and literally dozens depending on how intensely you study them. I will just be introducing you to the most commonly used seven Chakras, which have a Hindu origin, and in Sanskrit the word Chakra means “spinning wheel” or “spinning wheel of light.” They are generally shown in placement along the base of the spine to the head, and work as a system so they can be thought of as an electrical/energy circuit, one affecting the other. You will often hear the term, “balancing your Chakras.” I like the term “harmonizing” them since energy is always fluctuating, it is less stressful to think of them just functioning in harmony, especially when just beginning to work with their subtle energies. Each Chakra resonates with specific energies, vibrations, colors, sounds, physical organs and emotions. You are encouraged to do your own research on them. To help you formulate a visual placement of each I will describe their placement, and the main emotions associated with each one. You can do an image search on the internet for actual images.

Root Chakra – Base of the spine, red in color (grounding, money, home, foundations).
Sacral Chakra – About 2 inches below the navel, orange in color (relationships, letting go).
Solar Plexus Chakra – About 2 inches above the navel, yellow in color (personal power, will power).
Heart Chakra – center of the chest, green in color (love, forgiveness, compassion).
Throat Chakra – Throat area of the neck, light blue in color (expression, communication, power of choice.)
Third Eye Chakra – Forehead area between the eyes, purple in color (intuition, perception, inspiration).
Crown Chakra – Top of the head, white in color, some may show the color as an indigo/violet color. ( All consciousness, connection to the divine and universe)
This is a very simplistic breakdown of the Chakra system.  I must also tell you this information is in no way intended to replace professional and medical advice. Happy Harmonizing.

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